Nair Fotografia

Low tide...

Sleepin boats..

Jetski garage

A New Day

a nice day at the park, marks the beginning of a new day in my life...

Golden Gate - better resolution

Reuploaded the Golden gate pic at a higher res.

Old Lighthouses..

This was shot in Point Reyes National Reserve in Northern California...One of the best places to watch whales the right seasons..

Rio grande gorge

few hours before sunset at the Rio Grande Gorge in Taos, New Mexico..

Point Reyes sea shore

endless beach , Point Reyes National seashore..

Gateway to paradise..

Spooky cabins

Shot today around sunset time...Surreal skies through HDR

Bonsai mountain..

This was shot in Denali, Alaska..2008

Earth from ISS :)

A view of earth from ISS :)

Lady with the iPad

What does iPad do to people these days ? :D

Cadillac Ranch 2.0

Alps 0.7

Earth is round 2

Super Bowl Arena

only back in time :p

Lens Flare

Cadillac Ranch 1.0

This is a really old pic that i shot while driving by Cadillac ranch..Amarillo TX. Tonemapped through Photomatix and further processed through Photoshop and lightroom..i believe i hv done a decent job...Lets see what you all think...

When I am the Mayor

My name will be etched in stone everywhere..:p

Brothers in Arms

Abstract 0.1


Love shouldn't just be for Valentines Day

Lets walk on the ceiling

I was trying to perform a lens correction work on this picture in photoshop when i stumbled upon a 270 degree tilt and it is..

Depth 0.1


Going in circles